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23 April 2012 @ 11:47 pm
So then I held a high lady's hand in the street  
Walking home from the pub tonight, and this lady is freaking out on the other side of the road. There's a dude with her, and I thought maybe they were having a drunken argument, but then she fell in the road and hit her head. You could hear the crack where I was. People were coming to help her, and I went over to check she was okay. The guy didn't know her, and he called an ambulance.

She was bleeding pretty badly, but we managed to get her mostly sat down and tried to be comforting, even though she didn't seem like she could hear us. We tried asking her her name and what she'd taken, but she didn't really hear at first. When she started answering, she said she'd taken Ketamine.

It took about twenty minutes for the ambulance to show up, and the paramedics were really nice. She was really scared once she realised they were coming, I suppose because she'll get in trouble for drug use. But she really needed her head seeing to, there was blood everywhere.

I hope she's okay. In a way it was good to see people come together to help someone who needed it, but I feel bad that it was needed at all. At least the hospital will make her better.